Kirsch debuted on the live music scene in the early 1990s. After joining the Hudson Valley group Perfect Thyroid, he learned the ropes of playing live. In a band that averaged 250 gigs a year, he honed his craft, learning from some of the best musicians in the area. From extensive gigging and touring, Kirsch connected with talent from around the globe absorbing new ideas but always with a foot deep in funk, jazz and acid jazz. Kirsch found himself on stage at the 1998 Montreal Jazz Festival with Burlington, VT based band Belizbeha and had a two-year stint with them until 2000 when he joined with Sonando, a nine-piece Latin band from The Hudson Valley. Kirsch stuck with them for nine years. 

Kirsch was lucky enough to hook up with one of his idols, George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee ranked by Rolling Stone magazine at No. 56 on its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All-Time. He played numerous shows with the P-Funk Mob, traveling the east coast as well as Spain.   

In 2007, after many years of being a saxophone sideman, Kirsch decided he was ready to produce his first album, "The Fuzzy Flow" with the intent to put together a live band to perform the material. The album features all original compositions with a jazz-infused funky undertone. Kirsch recorded his second album at Play On Brother Studios in Deerfield, MA collaborating with Alan Evans from Soulive where he and the band recorded a handful of tunes. He completed the CD in 2011 entitled The Fuzzy Flow - "Lion in the Cut." 

While working as a full-time saxophonist, Kirsch completed his undergrad in Jazz Studies and Record Engineering at Purchase College. He then followed that up with a Masters in Music Education from Manhattanville College. 

Kirsch is in his 18th year teaching at The Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT where he is one of two upper school instrumental directors. Kirsch currently lives in Greenwich, CT with his wife and three boys.